Thursday, August 16, 2007

This one's for the poop

Heh. My mom reads my blog. And I love that she comments sometimes. Really, the whole telling the story of how I pooped in my training pants and then flushed them down the toilet was pretty funny. At least she didn't tell about me flushing my Fisher Price people down the toilet. For apparently no reason.

But, in light of our honesty, I have something share. It was in the box. The box my former MIL sent to me that she had been storing for many years. In between the Sweet Pickles books and my ONJ albums was sandwiched this:

The program for the 1960 Miss Arkansas pageant. What daughter would not be proud to say they had a beauty queen for a mother? I am. I think it is pretty cool. And she is by far the best looking one in the group. Of course we are talking about Arkansas.

Here she is in all of her stunning glory:

I only wish that the picture showed the dress too, because my grandmother Honey made all of her clothes. Even the evening gowns, and they were incredible.

My momma has gone out of her way though, to be known for something more than her looks. She doubled majored in piano and Christian education. She taught, she worked, and when my Bro and I were out of the nest, she went back to school and got her Masters of Divinity. She's a smart cookie. And a lovely cookie too. I mean, look at those eyebrows and the teeth that didn't need braces. Amazing.

So she didn't go on to be Miss America. She did have a couple of other great articles written about her that made her cringe and made her mother radiate pride. As Momma was busy studying in college, she had to put up with articles that praised her "deft hand with make up" and her "shiny well kempt hair." Oh, the tortured life of the beautiful! However, they did leave out her GPA and ability to whip up a snappy comeback to just about anything.

Not being Miss America, or even Miss Arkansas for that matter wasn't something she regreted I don't think. Perhaps the only thing she missed out on were the photo shoots. Because the pinnacle of every woman's life should be this Pepsi ad:

Be sociable, Have a Pepsi