Monday, October 15, 2007

Cupcakes of Shame

Yesterday, Guy and I joined a church. After the service, they had a potluck for all the people who have joined in the past 12 months. I love a church potluck.

We signed up to bring dessert.

Saturday night, Lovely and I set out to make our Black Bottom Cupcakes. We have our own little system for division of duties, and can whip out a batch in no time now. She is in charge of the cream cheese filling, and I am in charge of the chocolate cake part. These rich, dark chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese and chocolate chip filling don't last long around our house.

These cupcakes have been one of my favorites since I was a child and my momma would send them in my lunch box. It never occurred to me that they look a little funny.

Until yesterday.

Now, a potluck is more than just a potluck where I come from. It's almost a cooking or baking competition in it's own rite. Women, and some of the men, pull out all the punches to make sure that they are taking an empty dish home with them. That their dish is the one that has been scraped clean and then peered longingly into by the ones who took too long to go get their seconds.

So when it was time to leave and I went to collect my plate, I don't have to describe my horror when there were only 2 cupcakes missing off of that platter. One that Lovely ate. And one that Guy ate.

Perhaps I can blame it on pregnancy hormones, but I actually cried. A little. I couldn't help it.

Lovely insists that if just one person had eaten a cupcake besides our family, that they would have been gone. She said that they wouldn't have been able to stop themselves from telling everyone how fantastic they were, and that there would have been a mad rush for the cupcakes at that point and none would be left.

I think she was only a little disappointed. Because after all, we were taking home a couple dozen of our favorite cupcakes. Ones that we didn't have to share now.

Nevertheless, I'm thinking of changing the name of the cupcake to The Cupcake of Shame.

I have failed my first potluck at the new church.

I should have just made a pound cake.


  1. This reminds me of the time Jack's school had a bake sale and I made peach crisp. Umm, how exactly does one divvy that up into individually sized portions?

    I'll bet they tasted fantastic, your cupcakes. Their loss. ;)

  2. Who passes up a cupcake!? Are you sure these are good people? Just kidding!

    They have no idea what they are missing, I'm sure.

  3. You realize you have to share that recipe, right?
    I once got that response, when I brought divinity to a party. Nobody had a clue what it was, and I was so very sad to bring it home. (And even sadder, because usually I ruin divinity, due to the humidity in Texas!)

  4. I agree.. who passes up a chocolate cupcake??? You may send them here :) You didnt fail.

  5. "It never occurred to me that they look a little funny."

    Not only do we need the recipe but we now need a picture. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month... I'm sure Chocolate Creme Cheese Cupcakes are good for breast cancer... ;-)

  6. I'm sorry for snorting a bit on this post. It's just that I so can relate to it. Except that my husband probably wouldn't have even take one of mine.

    The silver lining: guess what you get to eat all week. :)

  7. I do believe that recipe is necessary now. I certainly couldn't have passed up a cupcake regardless of how it looked. They are sort of my downfall actually.

  8. I'm sorry!
    But what kind of person passes on a cupcake...I don't care what they looked like! My mouth is watering just reading about them!

  9. I know these potlucks well. I've been to many of them. I've had this happen before with a casserole - because people don't recognize it, they don't gobble it up.
    I need a picture and perhaps a bite of this cupcake....oh, and the recipe.

  10. I feel your pain. There has been more than one occasion where my offerings at a potluck have remained untouched and lonely.

    Then again, there is generally a reason. Most people have common sense enough to know that I can't cook worth beans.

    But I'd have eaten your cupcake. Promise.

  11. What church did you go to?

    Church of Don't Know What You're Missing?

  12. I totally understand this. It is powerful how important it is to be (as I call it) "Potluck Popular."

  13. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Will there be any cupcakes left on Wednesday, when I celebrate my birthday with one of my favorite people and her Lovely stepdaughter??? What an interesting coincidence .....


  14. Church potluck dinners and family reunions around here are like that. People plan for weeks what they are taking to show everyone else up. It's silly and I bet your cupcakes were wonderful.

  15. I cried a little for you. My gosh what cupcake snobs.

  16. Um... let me get this straight.

    These cupcakes were chocolate? With Cream Cheese Filling?! And CHOCOLATE CHIPS???!!

    Has it occured to you that perhaps you have joined the wrong church?!!

    Just kidding. Sort of.

    But seriously, dahling... I'm going to be NEEDING that recipe.

    Waiting (with bated breath, an empty stomach, and a serious craving) for your next post...

    xo CGF

  17. I'm with CGF. Any chance you'll be posting that recipe? Perhaps a label would be helpful next time. Maybe people didn't REALIZE the ingredients they were passing up!

  18. Those cupcakes sound absolutely divine. I would have eaten one of your cupcakes. :)

  19. Wow. I wish you'd supplied a photo.

    I would have eaten one. Or several.

  20. You sure you got the right church if they're not eating cupcakes?

    They sound really good. Hey, I'll drive down and pick them up and eat them. Be there in about 7 hours.

  21. Black bottom cupcakes are to die for! I most certainly would have eaten one (probably more)...

  22. I just stumbled onto your blog and was so surprised to see the recipe for my all time favorite chocolate treat! I grew up on these! I know your pain all too well. I have had to "convince" several people to try these over the years. But once they do, not only do they want the recipe, they want you to bring them to every get-together. Hang in there!

    I wish my family and I had been to your potluck, one of these sounds awfully good right now!

  23. We had a similar dinner at a church we joined a few months ago. I took a Key Lime ball with graham cracker sticks to dip.

    When we got there all these ladies had bought store made stuff!! i felt a little out of place.