Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is there anybody out there?

I know there is. And I love hearing from you.

My commenting has gone down the toilet. There are so many people I try to keep up with now, that I find myself not having time to read and to comment. So then there are those that I won't click on in my feed reader unless I have time to comment. Like Slouching Mom. I know she is going to make me think, and I don't want to breeze through. Because of this brilliant plan, I now have 12 of her posts to read, and haven't left a comment in days.

That's not working well.

Anyway, today is the day to delurk. Just say hi. You can be anonymous, or even a first timer.

Or how about this? I would love to know about your pets. Do you have any? What kind and what are their names?

Or just say hi.