Thursday, October 25, 2007

"I will receive unexpected morsels of food from above"

This past weekend, Lovely and I were in the kitchen making dinner and had the undivided attention of Pupstar. She is there at the ready, waiting to clean up any mess you might make or crumb that might spill.

When we put the meal on the table, Pupstar moved her position to lay down by the table and stare holes into each of us. Again, waiting on that bite to fall off your fork and onto the floor.

Lovely says, with a straight face, "I think Pupstar is using the secret to get us to drop food."

Perfectly timed silence. Then she grins.

Rounds of food spewing laughter all around. Man, it was funny.


  1. Snort, she's fabulous.

  2. Your house is full of all kinds of intelligence!

  3. Adorable! But just WAIT until little bird arrives. Dogs ALWAYS find the weak link (near the high chair) immediately. :)

  4. Pupstar is a professional begger to be sure! And it is so nice to have an automatic organic vacuum in the house. ;)

  5. Thats great! She's adorable!

  6. cleaning up after the small people is one good reason to have a dog. alas, i have none.

  7. The secret. Harumph. But beautiful sense of timing!

    What would her mother say about that?

    (Never mind.)