Friday, March 14, 2008

Music Together

Today Bird and I went to our first Music Together class. I had registered for an infants' class that was to be held in Chapel Hill; not close to the house. However, it was the only infant class I could find. It didn't make.

The woman in charge suggested I try out the mixed age class and just see how it went. So we did.

He loved it.

So far, I've been doubtful as to whether or not Christopher is smiling on reflexes or because of stimuli. Today, it was clear that he was having a good time.

He lasted about 25 minutes of the 30 minute class before I had to put him up on my shoulder and "shush" out some of the other noises. He got a little overstimulated.

But man, he had fun. His eyes were open wide and he kicked along to all of the music. We had a blast.

I'm liking this mom thing more and more already.