Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where we are today & other randomness

Nursing. Today we nursed. All weekend we practiced getting into new positions. We worked on relieving Bird's gas better. We nursed whenever and however long he wanted to do so.

And things are better.

The poor little dude is such a gulper though. He fills up with gas before he's full of milk, so a few good burps and 20 minutes later, he's hungry again. That works on the weekend, but not so much when I have to work during the week.

So we'll do what we can.


Guy finished his cradle and the mattress finally came in. It's really beautiful. He refinished it to match our bedroom furniture and we bought some bedding that also matches the room. Now if we could only get him to sleep there.

He will sleep there for his first stint of the night, but after he wakes up and nurses, I'm not about to try and put him back down. Besides, I really love spooning with my little man.


Guy was finally made an official employee today. It only took 13 months, but hey, that's the state for you. He'll be working for the university, and it might just be that I have to root for a team besides Mississippi State from now on. Unless of course the university plays Mississippi State in something, in which case all bets are off. Go Dawgs.


Getting back into teaching hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, having the nanny here is actually getting me back into my sanity. I have 15 minutes here and there to put on some makeup, put in a load of laundry, pull something out of the freezer for dinner, or just to walk to the mailbox without Bird.

The only part I hate is that Christopher is so much more interactive now. He's actually gotten to the point where he's fun. Smiling, laughing, cooing, and playing - he is more like a little person now, and I find myself wanting him to wake up and spend some time with me. It's okay though. We still have the mornings.


I miss my community though. Nursing in prone positions has been a great change for us, but of course, it cuts down on the internet time considerably. There isn't even any one handed typing when you are nursing laying down. Well, not that I've figured out yet.

I miss leaving comments even though I'm still reading. I miss the ladies on my mom's board. I just miss "talking" to people. But I'm doing what I have to do for the moment. Things will change again. Like Susan said the other day, change is the only constant from now on. So true.


I wasn't exactly watching the Montel Williams show today, but admittedly, when you don't have cable, daytime TV pickings are slim. So Montel was on, and since that crazy psychic he always has on, wasn't on, I just left Montel jabbering away while Bird and I nursed.

Lo and behold, it was an episode about supermoms, and who was on it but the lovely Liz of Mom 101?

Even though I missed officially meeting her at Blogher, she has long long been in my feed reader, and I was so proud of her today.

I only wish I could have watched more than the first 15 minutes. I'm sure she was great all the way through.