Thursday, March 13, 2008

When laying around isn't lazy

It's 11:00 AM. I'm still sitting in the bed. I have had someone or something attached to my boobs since 9:00. Bird has some gas issues. Possibly reflux. Might explain the thrashing and crying during feeding. The doctor said I just had to be patient and keep holding him to the breast. Let him work out the gas.

It's a new doctor. He's miles better already. Although, it's not like the old doctor made that a challenge of some kind.

My boobs are crying "uncle," and Bird has finally drifted off after an ounce from a bottle.

It's going to come down to time I bet. I just won't have all morning long forever. New doctor says though, that very soon, he should be outgrowing some of that gas and I should notice nursing getting significantly easier.

I like him. He offers hope along with his analysis. I hope he's right.