Thursday, May 17, 2007

Excuses, excuses

I have no good excuses as to my silence. I could make some up though.

1. I was giving you all time to read the 50 million posts I reposted on Monday.
2. We bought an xbox 360 elite. Yummmmm.
3. Guy bought golf for the 360. Not so yummmmm, so not really an excuse.
4. I bought Viva Pinata. It's like simcity except you are a farmer and pinatas come and live in your garden.
5. We close on my old house tomorrow, and I've been trying to clean out the shed. Except that I really just took what I could from the shed and left the rest of the crap in there for the next owner. Including 2 filing cabinets full of keyboard manuals that my ex collected. Why??????
6. I've been painting in the new house. Not what you think though. Right now, the hallway has 8 different colors on it. Yes, I have that much trouble picking out paint. For a hallway.
7. I've been dieting, so I'm too weak to type.

See? No good reason. I also have no tune for you this Thursday. You can all thank me for not making your ears bleed this week.

But tonight, I am going to give you a very special birthday post. Do come back, okay?