Thursday, May 03, 2007

If you are nekkid in the woods alone, are you really nekkid?

I know it's Thursday. Another Thursday with no tune. Guy promises me though, that the tune will be ready for posting before midnight. We found an old 4-track tape of a band I used to be in, and it is pay dirt. The last of the divorce-trilogy posts will be up complete with tune-age.

For now though, I have a question for you. When I was at Whymommy's house a couple of weeks ago, we had a little disagreement. Quite frankly, I got thrown under the truck! Now, I need some opinions. Even if they keep me right under the proverbial truck.

There are these pants. Some people call them pajama pants. Some people call them lounge pants. Some people, some really ingenious people, wear them to a yoga class and then call them yoga pants.

Do you know these pants?

Guy insists that they are not yoga pants simply because I wear them to yoga. I was hoping for (especially since I showed up at her house wearing a pair of them) that Whymommy would back up my claim that it was perfectly okay to be wearing these out in public. She said that if they had a drawstring, then they were pajama pants.



I'm being called out for a drawstring? How many other fashion disasters have you let me go through without telling me? Am I surprised now that you didn't stop me from wearing leggings and big tunic tops well into the '90's? Oh the pain.

So what do you think? If you wear a pair of solid colored knit pants that have a drawstring on them, are they always pajama pants? Even if you wear them to yoga?