Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hoisting is required

As I was talking to Whymommy on the phone tonight, I remembered that there was something I have neglected to share. Yes, we were talking about boobs. In the context of breastfeeding though. Sorry to let you all down.

Since all of my clothes still fit, I've continued exercising, and have not changed my eating habits,
I was surprised to step on the scale and find that I have already gained about four pounds.

Never one to give up against a scale, I called Guy in the bathroom. I asked him to stand behind me. Of course I always weigh myself in the buff because a cami and pair of panties probably weigh eighteen pounds.

I asked Guy to stand behind me and hold up my boobs while I got back on the scale.

Seven pounds. Those puppies weigh seven pounds.

Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but folks? A Fender Stratocaster weighs less than my boobs. A bag of sugar weighs less than my boobs. A five pound bag, that is. Two frozen chickens weigh less than my boobs. A fridge pack of Diet Cokes weighs less than my boobs.

So there you have it. I'm not fat, I'm boobalicious.