Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Perfect Post

I have had the best intentions of participating in the Perfect Post awards for the longest time. Each month I find at least one new blog that makes its way into my Bloglines feed, and I feel like I've found another treasure in the blogosphere.

Until now though, there has never been a post that made me imediately click over and find out how to participate. A post that moved me enough to remember to follow through.

Leave it to J at Oh The Joys.

Legacy is a perfect post. While her trademark humor shines through, there is more to this post than laughter. Her honesty in the challenges of raising two very young children has been rewarded in being able to tell us that it is getting easier. And while sharing a sense of relief with her, she then takes you on a walk with her children.

You get to see what they see, hear what they heard, and smell what they must have been smelling. It was a lovely walk, and just when I felt like we were done, J's Ady joins us. She reminds herself and her readers that it she took the same kind of world discovering walks with her grandfather.

A perfect circle. A perfect post.

For more good reading and perfect posts, go visit Lindsey and MommaK who kindly sponsor the Perfect Post Awards each month.