Monday, November 05, 2007

Poor limpy Guy

Poor Guy. He is sitting next to me with an icepack on his ankle. Before that, it was heat. And before that, ice.

Before that, it was tumbling down the stairs on his way to his car. Poor thing. I hate seeing him hurt. He is a good patient, but it makes me so sad.

He is all cripple and limpy now. His poor ankle looks like a softball.

Actually, God pushed him down the stairs to punish him for being incredibly antagonistic today.


Now back to the nursing. Time to switch back to heat.


  1. I think he deserves a good schnuggle today!!!!

  2. OWIE! Hope he heals quickly!

  3. You two are quite a pair, arent you?? I hope Guy heals quickly!

  4. WhyMommy1:54 PM

    Get better soon, Guy!


  5. I'll have you know that you just gave me a heart attack. I've been out of the loop, not checking blogs for a couple of days, and when I read "back to the nursing" I read "back to breastfeeding" and I thought, "WHAT? HAS THE LITTLE BIRD COME OUT?"

    I seriously had to do some fast reading of the last few entries to figure this out. Phew. Okay. I'm sorry Guy got hurt!

  6. OUCH! Tell him to stay off it and let it heal.