Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trees please

Getting the trees is one of my favorite holiday tradition. After a run to Starbucks for hot chocolate, we headed to our favorite spot to buy a Christmas tree.

We aren't looking for big trees. We aren't looking for perfect trees. We were looking for our trees.

Here is Lovely, pointing out a spot where this tree needs some love. Both of our trees needed some serious love and had a definite side that is now hidden by the wall. We like them that way. Little Charlie Brown trees.

The Commander is good for more than hauling keyboards and music gear. I was delighted to discover that you could haul not one, but two Christmas trees home on top of it.

Guy frees one of the trees from the roof rack.

And here is the tree in the living room. The blue and silver tree. The side in the corner is facing that way for a reason. It's missing several branches back there. But you would never know. It's a beautiful tree, and I love it.

We'll have to take a picture of the tree in the dining room as well. It's also a little Charlie Brown tree that just needed some love.

You know, most days, I feel like a little Charlie Brown tree that Guy picked out and gave some love.

I'm such a dork.