Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wisdom of Double D

If you need a reason to get a flu shot, my youngest nephew, Double D, has one for you.

"Shots make you have muscles."

Amen, brother. He was helping talk his older brother and sister into getting their flu shots without being scared. He wasn't scared, because he's tough, he said.

Double D has a lot of wisdom to share. Enough for my Sil to start her own blog. Just for stories about him.

For now though, just remember that shots will give you muscles. Later, we might can talk about his love of Walker Texas Ranger.


  1. Who DOESN'T love Walker Texas Ranger?!?!?
    Shots give you muscles...too cute! The wisdom of children is wonderful!!

  2. taking Double D's fine advice and booking my appointment to go get pumped up (with flu shot AND muscles) now.


  3. I could have used Double D's help a couple of weeks ago when Ben sat freaking out in the pediatrician's office over his soon-to-be-administered flu shot and chicken pox booster. And Ben is TEN!


  4. I'll have to remember that when we got Kindergarten shots next summer!

  5. Hee hee hee, great thought little dude.

  6. bwwaa. You sure he wasn't making a rather insightful Barry Bonds reference?

  7. Smart kid! If shots really gave you muscles, I'd be Incredible Hulk by now.