Friday, February 23, 2007

And then there's today

Welcome to the place where I feel extremely sorry for myself. You don't have to stay long. Just go on without me, because I'm thinking I'm going to sit here for quite some time.

Yesterday I would have been 20 weeks pregnant.

Today I am going to therapy.

Today I also started my period. A day early. No need to pee on that stick tomorrow morning. At least now I can get totally hammered for my birthday if I see fit.

Do my blog buddies know me well enough yet to see the veil of masking things with inappropriate humor? It's a treasured trait of mine. People love it. It's endearing.

Now I have to go dry my hair and try to squeeze my fat ass into some article of clothing so that I can go meet some of Guy's friends from his old job. For the first time. And have them wonder why on earth he married a fat chick. It's a good thing I did nothing to lose the weight I've gained. Lord knows I need one more thing to whine about.

Pity party at my house. Tonight. Anyone want to come?