Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One step forward . . .

I did go to therapy. I'm hesitant to write about it, because I still think the most time efficient thing to happen is to just send her here, have her read, and then wave a magic wand to cure me.

Maybe I should just have business cards made:

"Think you want to listen to me? Go to "Don't Take the Repeats" and have a sample first. Judge for yourself, and then get back to me."

I will say that she is the skinniest woman I have ever seen in person. The kind of skinny you don't envy and wonder if she is alright. I mean, I would hate to get attached to a therapist who might kick off next week from some illness or malnutrition.

See, that is the wine typing. I shouldn't say that. But I have a dedication to the "non-edit." Leave the words where they fall. Propriety be damned. If I do give her this link, I reserve the right to delete these two paragraphs immediately.

Tonight I emailed Babes in Blogland and asked them to add me to the TTC list. I didn't want to be on the TTC list. I wanted to be on the Expecting in November list. However, in all honesty, I'm on the TTC list. I have had a "normal" period. Now I have had my round of "BFN's." So I'm officially TTC.

Trying to conceive.

For those of you that don't have to look me in the eye, that means:

Guy and I do it like rabbits. We chart my temps. We look at my cervical fluid. We try to time the vast number of moments when we want to jump each other into the "fertile window."

Can I just say that calling it the "fertile window" in itself throws a damper on things???

Bowm, chicka mawh mawh, wanna jump through the fertile window? I'll suck in my gut for you!

Trying to conceive.


But, since I have not sent a proper note, I have to take the time to thank the Babes in Blogland folks. Most of you happened over this way because they let you know about my miscarriage. They let you knowI needed you at a time when I still didn't even understand much about the blogosphere. I was just typing my raw pain into the computer and hitting "publish".

The people they sent this way completely saved me. You know who you are. And just in case you don't, Jen, you are the first to come "out of the blue" and throw me a line. I love you for that, and I will never forget it. Thank you. TTC. That's us. Let's ride it out together.