Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snarky snark snark

I've been snarky all weekend.

We went to the mountains for a gig in the Dude's hometown. It was nice. The venue was nice. The soundpeople (yes, it was a coed sound crew!) were nice. The dinner afterwards was really nice. The only thing that wasn't nice was me.

I wasn't necessarily mean, I was just snarky.

The sound guy had the monitor popping in my ear repeatedly. So I snarked.

snark: v. To snap at someone for something that is possibly justifiable but then immediately make a joke out of the snapping thereby avoiding actual bitchiness by a mere eighth of an inch.

The gigs are about to slow down, so I should enjoy them while I can. And I do. I was just tired I think.

The construction in the house is starting to get to me. It is pointless to clean because as I clean, the boys are right behind me covering things in sawdust and sheetrock dust. If I try to cook, I have to clean every counter space right before I use it and shield anything on the stove from the dust that occasionally falls down from the holes in the floors upstairs. Because there is no ceiling. So last week, I start working on the half-bath because I can't really help them with their project. It is a cosmetic job mostly, but still Guy gets irritated with me for "creating more work."

What else am I going to do? Sit around all day and blog?

You might be seeing a lot of me, people.