Monday, February 12, 2007

OMG, what should I wear?

So I've been tagged. Bless my Guess jeans and Tretorns. I'm so excited. I hope Izzy doesn't find out that I'm really the biggest dork in the blogosphere.

Of course, after this meme, I guess they will.

Five (slightly odd) facts about me:

1. I am terrified of the dentist. Irrationally so. I'm not admitting how long it has been since I have seen a dentist.

2. I sucked my thumb for years. Into adult life even. I did finally stop. Like last year.

3. My first career aspiration was to be the first female Major League Baseball player. I have no idea how I thought I would stop all the other women before me, but I wanted to be the first.

4. Although I was not technically allowed to watch MTV, when I was home alone in the 7th grade, I would turn it on, wait for the video for Van Halen's "Jump," and dance around our den, seeing how high I could jump and how long I could remain airborne. Go ahead.

5. I love leggings. I wish they had never gone out of style. They are most favorite item of clothing ever. Unless we are counting shoes, in which case, my favorite thing to wear are boots. Just to bolster that, here is a gratuitous shot of my newest pair of fabulous boots:

mmmmmmDestroy Boots

So there you have it. Your life is now complete. No, wait. It's not complete. Because the tagging continues. I calling out Fertile Mertile, Amy, Momma, and of course Whymommy. Don't hold back, ladies.