Thursday, February 22, 2007

Extraordinarily grateful

I am really about to blog about a TV show. I can't believe it.

Thank God they didn't kill her off. I mean the show is named after her, so I knew she wasn't going completely away, but I could totally see them making her a permanent narrator. And if it meant that he and his heart would be back on as a regular character, then I could be happy with that. Besides, Mr. Lifetime-TV-Movie is so good at the grief filled lover, that could work. It would definitely be gutsy TV.

I am so very glad they didn't do that. I don't watch that show for gutsy TV. I watch shows about firefighters who see dead people for gutsy TV. When they killed his son, I almost vowed never to watch again. And you can kill a title character if your show is supernatural and she is a vampire slayer. That is alright. Painful, but alright. Tonight, I really didn't want them killing off my favorite dark & twisty.

Thank you. Thank you for being ordinary. I love this ordinary ending.