Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Random Tuesday

My thoughts are disjointed today, so that is what comes out of the keyboard. A few random moments from the past week.

This past week, I mentioned to Guy that Fertility Friend said we should try some baby making. He asked if that meant we were having a threesome. Him, me, and that friend of mine.

While using my wallpaper steamer in the half-bath, I leaned over and slammed my head into the corner of the lavatory. It left a dent right in the center of my forehead at the hairline. Later that day, Guy and I went to the store. He asked if I had a list, and I tapped my head.

"It's all in here."

"Isn't that where the dent is too?"

We are so used to each other now. So awkwardly comfortable. I went to turn on the laptop one morning to record my temp. He reached over from his side of the bed, grabbed me, and said,

"Can I hold your titties while I type?"

I just said, "Um-hum. That's fine."

I ask you, what is that? Bizarre, really.

And finally, did you know that if you have a miscarriage, it could quite possibly cost you somewhere in the realm of $6000? If, however, I had given birth, it would have been half that. Does that seem strange to anyone but me?