Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Because little girls love their granddaddies

Updated below

J over at Oh the Joys lost her grandfather yesterday. What do you do for someone who you have never officially met and lives too far away to take a casserole?

I was hoping that we could let her know we understand.

Being still relatively new to the blogosphere, I'm sort of making this up as I go along. I thought though, that whoever has a mind to do so, could write about their grandfather in honor of J's Ady. What a great name, by the way, Ady. If you will, leave a comment here linking to your post about your grandfather, and we'll get them over to J.

My granddaddy was my best friend. That is not the first time I have typed that on this blog. This is us on his birthday. I was 18 and he was turning 80.

I hope there are at least a couple of you who can join in and leave a word or two about your grandfather(s). Then when J joins back in the blogging, she will know we have been thinking about her and her family.


AcadeMama left her story in the comments. That is also a great idea. If you haven't already, please say a little something about your grandfather. Or you could just pop over and read what J wrote to her grandfather and leave her a comment directly.