Monday, February 19, 2007


Since this seems to be the place where I tell all, complete honesty, warts and all, here goes. I peed on a stick this morning. I was supposed to wait until Saturday, but the box came with a free one, so I thought, "What the hell?"

It was negative.

I have been charting and temping and graphing and all the things I'm supposed to, so I knew it was too early. However, my moods have been totally like they were in October. Snarky. I couldn't find that on the list of options on Fertility Friend though. So I just entered "bad."

So here is the chart. And those of you who have to see me face to face, I apologize for this being entirely too much information.

We are still above the coverline, so that is good. I had to take my temp about 90 minutes early though because Lovely was here. She has to leave for school way early and there are breakfasts and lunches to be made.

There are several "symptoms" that make me hopeful for a positive test, but then there is the nagging, "you are just working yourself up for a fall," too.

Last night I had incredibly weird dreams that were really vivid. That hasn't happened since pregnancy.

I'm tired. But that could just be from my lovely mood.

We'll see. Saturday will come soon enough. (HA!)

Saturday I will be 34.

Saturday I hope to have another chance.