Thursday, February 22, 2007


7:00 AM Wake up. Take temp. Memorize temp. Roll back over and cuddle.

7:20 AM Pee on a stick.

7:30 AM Give up on staring at the stick.

7:35 AM Return to bathroom and hold stick up to the light.

7:45 AM Toss stupid stick into the trashcan where it belongs. Get on computer and pout.

8:20 AM Remember that I have yoga class. Get up and get dressed. Go to class.

9:00 AM Start class.

9:10 AM Leave class because crying in down dog is embarassing and uncomfortable.

9:15 AM Return to class with tears under control.

10:30 AM Leave very ineffective yoga class. Yoga is hard when you are busy being tough.

10:45 AM Go to my old house. Check mail. Empty fridge. Gag at old chicken broth.

11:00 AM Return home.

11:15 AM Report to Guy that the stick is still negative.

11:16 AM Be disappointed in the fact that I can't even get an evaporation line.

11:17 AM Get butt slapped by Guy for being a ridiculous ninny.

Need I go on?