Monday, March 05, 2007

BlogHer, BlogUs

Edited to add: Firefox users, it seems that we are the lucky ones to always hear music. Everytime. You. Click. On. The. Page. So sorry. You can turn it off in the post halfway down called "Thursday Tunes." I'm looking for a new player . . .

I finally got the nerve to ask Guy about the BlogHer Conference in July. He asked me if I remember that it is our anniversary. I do. Our anniversary is on July 24, and the conference starts on July 25. I asked if we were going to celebrate all week. He said we might.

We are going to the Police concert in Columbus, Ohio, on July 16. This is our anniversary trip. Unless we can get even better seats in Madison Square Garden, in which case, we ditch Ohio and NYC here we come.

So when Guy said that we might have to wait until April and see how his new job shakes out to see if we can then go to Chicago . . .

I said, "Oh honey, it would just be me. It's for women bloggers."

"What? You don't get to go anywhere by yourself!"

I guess I'll be attending the track for formerly independent women who have obviously now been drug into the cave by their hair. And are blissfully happy.

I saw that there will be childcare. What about spousecare?