Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Tunes

This past weekend, Guy and I bought a new hard disk recording unit. We have been tinkering around with it as demonstrated here, but there are no fruits of our labor yet. If fruits don't appear soon, this may have to turn into a quarterly feature rather than a weekly feature.

So I present to you yet another 3-4 year old performance of a Tori song. "Waitress." Performed in the days before I knew of the glories of Flonase in February. I heart Flonase.

Of course I judge. I have listened to this at least 15 times in the last week, finding reasons why I don't want to put this out here. Me. The person who regularly fills this blog with unedited mental vomit, is hesitating here.

The middle of the song reaks. The second chorus is painful to listen to. So if you are only in for 20 seconds of it, skip to the end. I will say that I actually like the last verse of the recording.

I am my own worst critic. That's not unusual though. There became a moment though, in the study of music, where I became far too critical of myself. I don't know when that moment was, but in a way, I do wish it had never happened. In another way, I wish it had happened before the dreaded album of 1996.

Enough with the words. On with the music. Not for the quality, but for the love and enjoyment.

Wish us luck with the Tascam so that we don't have to endure another week of Tori not being done by Tori.