Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm starting a new blog. This one isn't going anywhere, although I'm about ready for a new template of my very own. I just have to decide who I want to ask to design it - and how much I am willing to spend.

Anyway, back to the new blog.

A few weeks ago, a former co-worker of mine and I were chatting at a piano event. I'm thinking that we are having this pretty standard catching up chat when she says,

"You have the most tragic life of anyone I know."

Holy crap.

That is so not how I want to portray myself because it is not true.

My friend T and I were walking this morning when this very subject came up. The subject of gratitude. I said that no matter how many bad things have happened in my life in the past five years, I was still a happy person. Because in my life, these past five years, I have also had some of the most wonderful things happen as well, and I'm pretty damn lucky.

I have so much.

And I have laughter. Everyday. Not everyone laughs everyday I don't think. But I do. Either at Guy or at my students, or at a fellow Blogette. There is always something to laugh about.

So I want to start this new blog. A gratitude blog. And I would like for there to be more than one contributor. I know that a lot of you have a lot of things for which you are grateful. And while you probably already blog about them, just think about the huge amounts of positive energy someone could get from reading post after post of people's gratitude.

I tried to do this on Tuesday, but I couldn't make the template work that I wanted. Tonight, I will launch it with a standard Blogger template. If you are willing to join me, please let me know and I'll add you as a contributor. If you want to post without signing on, email me and I'll post your submission. But join me if you will. Join me in being grateful for what we have in life.

It feels good.

Come on by and get, or give, some good vibes: Gratuitous Gratefulness