Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Tunes

This week's Thursday Tune was supposed to be Johnny Mathis doing the Hallelujah Chorus especially for Karaoke Diva. Alas, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to convert it, so you will just have to imagine how fabulously awful it is. Truly.

Instead, you get to hear one of Dude's songs. This is on his latest cd, which is quite lovely. He does most all of the recording himself - we are just his live band. However, he does get me to do backing vocals, which makes me happy because I love to sing back up best of all. Plus, he lets me do scads of tracks, so it the narcissist's dream. Tons of little me's all over. Mwhahahahaha.

Remember, Dude is an anchorman first and foremost. He doesn't have any formal musical training. It flat out amazes me what he can do. He is the best example of "natural musician" I have ever met.

For googling purposes, I'm not naming the song, cd, or Dude here. However, if you like it and are so curious that you can't stand it, I'll be happy to email you the details.