Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have smart friends with smart butts

If you need drugs, you need drugs. You gotta get in a better place for the bambino yet to appear. He/she needs to arrive in an okay place...too much weight on bambino to cause the happy place. You know what, I don't know shit about what you are feeling so feel free to chalk the previous statements to "T is talking out her butt again".

I have some of the smartest friends ever. Evah. In the world. I'm chalking this up to that. Smart friends with smart butts.

I so hope she doesn't mind me posting part of her email here. It's just that I've read it 8 million times in the past hour, so I thought I needed to share.

She is so right. My next child's job is not to mend my broken heart. How selfish of me not to realize that. My job is to heal before the next child. That is what a mother would do.

How lucky I am to have a friend brave enough to point it out.