Friday, March 30, 2007

Prom prom prom

It turns out the first post I've ever written and then saved as a draft is my prom post for the Blog Prom hosted by Mamma. Coming up on Saturday.

Today's post is supposed to be a post about whether or not we went to the tanning bed or got a manicure or whatever.

I can totally say no to all of those things.

What I was most likely doing the day before prom?

Calling all my friends to see if I could borrow a dress since I totally hated shopping for one. And had procrastinated. So much procrastination that my dyeable shoes were always still white the night of a dance.

Probably the only preparation I had done was writing a really cheesy love song for whatever boy I was gahgah over at the time. As in, the chorus had the freaking word, "princess" in it. And then my friend Hope and I would sing them and record them on a boombox.

And no. That will never be on Thursday Tunes. Evah.