Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Tunes

It's week two of Thursday Tunes and I have learned a few things.

1. As much as I love love love Guy playing and singing "Brandy," I was tired of hearing it self start everytime I checked in on the blog.

2. If you use IE, that doesn't happen. I use Firefox, so it did. I will continue searching for the right code or a different player that lets you decide if you want to hear the music or not. No forced listening here.

3. I should have done that before subjecting you to this next diddy.

I have very few things recorded that I would ever be willing to put out there on internet land. There is an full album's worth of stuff from 1996 that I would never in a million years post. It is 100% awful. Think Roland Jazz Chorus out the wahzoo and vocals that never got rerecorded even though the instrumental parts did. Not that I'm perfect, but have mercy, that album makes me sound deaf.

I digress.

Point being, I'm going to actually have to start recording some things if I don't want to have Thursday Tunes last just another 2 weeks.

Today, you get a live version of "Icicle." A great Tori tune. Not a great performance. This is from 2003 I think. And it does nothing to bolster my suggestions that I do have good pitch. So sorry.

Edited to add: HooRah for the new player that Guy found for me. Now you can listen if you want and press stop as soon as you can take no more.