Monday, March 05, 2007


I have been waiting and waiting to sit down and write this post. Opening it like that probably makes you think that there are exciting things to come.


Same old boring me here. But with photos.

Guy and I have been busting tail on the master bathroom. HooRah.

These 2 pictures are of the bathroom how it was. Yes, one of them is a picture of a closet. That closet no longer exists and is part of the new bathroom.

Notice how large and spacious the bathroom on the right is. If this was still 1968.

This is moi. With power tools. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Although, don't tell that to Pupstar. She laid right by my feet the whole time. I even had to move one of her paws to add a screw to the backerboard below, and she didn't flinch. Weird dog.

This is in the front corner of what used to be the closet. I'm squatting in front of what used to be the door of the closet.

On the right is the old bathroom. The old tub is staying for now, although we installed a separate shower. We ran out of money though, so no garden tub for me. The cabinet is an antique thingy with awesome storage. It stinks a little bit, but the authentic crackle paint job is pretty neato. Stink can be fixed.

And on the left it the new shower and the migrating toliet. Right now, the toliet is at the foot of our bed. Where it stops, nobody knows. The green is thankfully not the paint color, but the moisture resistent drywall. What will they think of next? On of our next door neighbors does drywall for a living, so he has been helping out at a very neighborly rate.

Lucky for us, this is not the same neighbor who had the Christmas party. That neighbor proceeded to get smashed and tell us as we left, "If you need anything, just yell out the front door. I'm usually watching you." Creeeeeeepy.

And to the right, my sweet Guy, painting his heart out. He picked the colors, and at first I wasn't sure about them. They are growing on me though. I have a complete inability to picture a room in its finished state. Choosing colors and tiles and fixtures is my worst nightmare. So I just let him do it. I picked the antique cabinet and we went from there.

Here is Lovely helping out. Notice the placement of the toliet. We decided not to leave it there.

Here is Pupstar's pawprint. She was obviously not helping out at that point.

And here is all you get for tonight. The tile and unfinished shower shot. Today we grouted and moved in the sinks and such, but I'm not posting anymore pictures until it is done. I did want to show some proof though that I didn't just drop off the face of the earth for no good reason.

I so laid that tile myself. Guy cuts. I lay. BooYah.