Monday, January 15, 2007

100 things

So I had been totally planning to do the whole 100 things about me post at post number 100. Because I heard that is what you do. When I go to look at how close I am to 100 today, it says I'm at 105. Story of my life. Now I sit here quite sure that I can't think of 100 things to write about boring me. That could be number one I guess. Then if you don't want to read the other 99, you won't think you missed anything

1. In reality, I'm actually rather boring.
2. I am a musician.
3. My degree is in music composition, but I teach piano.
4. I play and sing with a new age artist who is also a morning news anchor.
5. Old people love us.
6. I have twice played with the symphony and arranged Dude's music for them.
7. That gig and my old job have required that I be on TV a lot.
8. I freaking hate being on TV.
9. I used to be a rock star wannabe and played clubs, signed an indie deal and made a superbly terrible album.
10. I no longer want to be a rock star because they stay up too late and smoke too much.
11. I am married to Guy, the most perfect man in the world for me.
12. We have been married since July, 2006.
13. It wasn't a shotgun wedding, but we figured that we had wasted enough time in our lives. We knew what we wanted, and getting married was the first step in starting, so we did it.
14. My unworn wedding dress is still hanging in the spare bedroom.
15. The same preacher has now married me twice, and thinks this one is a much better plan.
16. I married a Yankee and now know how to make pirogi.
17. I'm better at making biscuits.
18. I am a complete freak for baking.
19. The only food I really know how to cook though is cajun and deep south goodness.
20. Crockpots frighten and confuse me.
21. I have a stepdaughter, Lovely, who is 10.
22. I have several students who started taking from me when they were 8 and are now about to graduate from high school.
23. I feel old.
24. I also feel good about that.
25. I like for my students to compete and do well. That way they have a goal, and something to be proud about at the end of the day.
26. I don't fit in at the monthly piano teachers' meetings. At all. Boy howdy.
27. I told my mother about 80 million times that I would never teach piano.
28. I took the LSAT 2 weeks after graduating from college and was planning to go to UNC Chapel Hill for law school.
29. That plan was derailed when I taught for a year while gaining my residency and figured out how much I liked it. Plus we were already paying for my ex's unused graduate degree.
30. I worked for 6 years as the Executive Director of a non-profit. That seemed to satisfy my administrative, career oriented, writing, and public speaking needs. Now I don't do that anymore.
31. There are people that don't like me. I try not to care.
32. There are people that don't like me because I am so focused on getting things done
that sometimes I disregard how others fit into the mix.
33. There are people that like me because I get things done.
34. I used to foster English Setters. They are awesome dogs.
35. I am down to 2 dogs and now like it that way.
36. Cats freak me out in general, although I do have a few kitty friends.
37. Fish seem pointless to me.
38. We have a guinea pig who I tried hard not to like, but he is actually quite adorable.
39. Reptiles and amphibians are also not on my pet list.
40. I am very close to my family.
41. Sometimes that means we hurt each other.
42. My father is a retired lawyer and my mother is a retired Presbyterian minister.
43. My bro is 4 years older than me and also works in the Presbyterian church.
44. I will never ever in my life work for a church again. I think they are selfish and generally take advantage of their employees.
45. That doesn't mean I hate God.
46. I think though, that he might hate me, so I always warn people of that before I agree to keep them in my prayers. And I ask them to let me know if bad stuff starts happening so that I can quit praying for them just in case it's my fault.
47. I used to be a youth director. My youth group drank the clear liquor in my apartment and replaced it with water. I didn't know this until 10 years later when one of them told me.
48. I can be a complete tool.
49. Now I don't go to church. I don't really miss it either.
50. I just looked over my shoulder as I typed that.
51. In college I developed an eating disorder. Until recently I still looked at pictures from that time and wished I was that skinny again. Ick.
52. My body image sucked until I was pregnant.
53. I am 5'8" and maybe a half, but maybe not, but I'm usually wearing 3-4 inch heel boots in the fall and winter. Sometimes in the summer too.
54. I have a boot problem. Unless you love boots too, in which case, I have a fabulous boot collection.
55. I hate floral prints.
56. There are no tatoos on my body. I had one picked out and never could see my way to spend the money.
57. I am now glad that I was broke.
58. There is a small part of me that wishes I knew how to dance.
59. I am completely and totally clumsy.
60. The only charity I send money to without batting an eye is Mustard Seed, a group home and day center for mentally challenged adults. They make awesome ceramics.
61. I don't like much TV. Grey's Anatomy. Boston Legal. Homicide. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, I'm award that at least 2 of those shows are off the air.
62. Local artists are always my favorites. No matter where I live.
63. Movies bore me. I did like Little Miss Sunshine though.
64. My brother thinks I have ADD.
65. I've closed this post and opened it at least 7 times now. Because I'm bored.
66. I hate that these tabs don't line up correctly.
67. After I married Guy, I found his voter registration card. He is a Republican. I fainted. Never assume people. Never assume.
68. I love him anyway.
69. My taste in music is in direct conflict with my education. I tend to like simple songs with good lyrics. Liz Phair. Sarah MacLachlan. Tori Amos (okay, not so simple). Wilco. Damien Rice. And a host of others.
70. I used to have a lot more cd's until I let my ex divide them up while I wasn't home.
71. I still have entirely too many.
72. I have owned 2 Stratocasters. Played neither. Only wished I had in some odd corner of my head.
73. My boobs are ginormous.
74. I was a National Merit Finalist.
75. I haven't been very smart since there has not been an opportunity for standardized testing in my adult life.
76. I make all my own stock. Chicken stock is on the stove as I type.
77. My granddaddy was one of my best friends.
78. I love houses. I secretly wish I could be a realtor. Then I remember all the smiling and looking cute that is required.
79. I have never ridden a yellow school bus.
80. Chopin is my favorite composer to play. Followed by Haydn.
81. I hate listening to recordings of classical music, but I like going to the symphony.
82. I love to read.
83. My first and second live concerts were both Amy Grant.
84. Since then I have seen Sting, Steely Dan, Rolling Stones, Mark Eitzel, Sarah MacLachlan, Tori Amos, Cocteau Twins, Patti Griffin, Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton, Sixpence None the Richer, Bela Fleck, Emmylou Harris, Marcia Ball, Pearl Jam, U2, Cyprus Hill, Smashing Pumpkins, Tres Chickas, Lyle Lovett, Nancy Griffith, James Taylor, Bryan Adams, Counting Crows, Victoria Williams, Buddy and Julie Miller, Juliana Hatfield, Tesla, Wilco, and a bunch more.
85. I started blogging to talk about my parents and their health.
86. The blogosphere was a total unknown to me.
87. I had a miscarriage in December. It was my first child.
88. Blogging probably saved me.
89. So did the other bloggers. Guy thanks you.

And because of #64, I'm going to let Guy give you the last 10 things about me. The only rule is that he can't talk about my boobs (see #73).

90. She should have been named Grace due to her klutsy mannerisms.
91. She loves baseball, hotdogs, and PBR in the summer.
92. She trained me on wine and production and consumption. She loves great wine.
93. She can't play guitar well. She tries and is really cute trying.
94. She is a great singer.
95. She is a great cook and makes really great meals every night.
96. She is really great in front of a video camera. She is on TV all the time and somehow she can ignore that the camera is right in her face.
97. She hates mimes and loves midgets.
98. All my friends think she is the greatest girl ever.
99. My father thinks that she is the perfect woman.
100. I think that she is absolutely perfect.