Sunday, January 21, 2007

Home "Improvements"

Guy and I finally got my house on the market. After 6 months of some pretty heavy renovations, we have successfully polished a turd and find ourselves asking a ridiculous amount of money for it. Location, location, location.

It was only fitting that we start on our home right away.

Here's the kitchen. Guy and his Dad ripped out the ceiling on Saturday. Wheeeee.

Guy's dad is a retired plumber. His joys in life are finding a bargain and being a bargain to other people. Whatever the going rate is for a plumbing job - Papa can do it for half the cost. His other joy in life, Lovely. That's another entry though.

The master bathroom is above the kitchen. So was the master closet. However, since it is impossible to stand up off the toliet without banging your elbow into the tissue holder and your head into the door handle, we are changing things a little. The master closet is becoming part of the master bathroom and we stole part of a bedroom for the master closet. The closet is finished excepting flooring, but I'm waiting to include it in the "finished" shots.

To the right is some of the ductwork that had to be removed.

To the left, the beams of the ceiling and a door that we are covering. And my calendar. Regardless of all the technology, I still like a calendar hanging on the wall.

And again to the right, are the light switches for the kitchen. I have been portraying Guy as nothing but perfect, so here is his imperfection. A probably dangerous light box. At the very least, it is ugly. I am so tortured.

Just wait for the finished shots. I'm going to regret that I posted that lightswitch box.

While the boys worked in the kitchen, I tried my hand with wallpaper removal. The half-bath downstairs looked like this:

Mmmmm. Floral.

Then it looked like this:

Mmmmmmm. Seashells.

And then, it looked like this:

This is bad because the darkest spots are the places where the drywall is ripping off with the seashell wallpaper. The wall was not primed prior to wallpapering. I am going to have to mud and sand this wall before I can paint it and hang the really lovely Bob Rankin painting I bought at Artsplosure this year. This is only one of about 38 reasons why wallpaper is evil.

Finished pictures of my house. Outside, note the gravel driveway that I spread myself. Like an idiot. Pay someone to do this from now on. Inside, here is the eat-in kitchen. Meaning, there is no dining room in this tiny house. I so love the paint colors. We tiled the floor and counters, put in new appliances and new hardware. My Sonoma wine festival rootster print does not convey.