Monday, January 22, 2007

Insult to injury

Another bill came today for the baby that isn't coming. It sucks that we will now have to start filing paperwork with the insurance company, find out why they aren't paying, and be generally annoyed by customer service menus numbers 1-9. What further sucks is the one that came today is for the ultrasound where we saw his sweet little heartbeat.

The bill for the anesthesiologist came Saturday. It was $950 and so far none of it is covered which makes me wonder if they consider that unnecessary? Just let her stay awake, it's no big deal. Guy says not to worry that we just file it again. They are just making sure it is really me. If they keep sending me bills like that, they are going to have to pay my bills for the coronary that is going to send me to the hospital each time I open one.

I guess the worst piece of mail so far though is the survey I received from the hospital where the D&C was performed. I know they are just trying to make sure their "customers" are satisfied and all, but you might think they could be a little selective about who they sent the survey to. Maybe a happy lady who had a successful knee replacement? How about the young man who had emergency appendicitis and they saved his life? I'm sure those people would love to fill out a survey. Me, not so much.

1. Was the check-in process efficient and easy?
Why yes. Except for the part where the nice lady felt obligated to share the story of her 3 miscarriages with me. And then she ran out of tissue at her desk. I wasn't quite ready to bond.

2. Were the nurses friendly and helpful?
Of course they were. When the first nurse realized that we had been sitting in a room for over an hour with no contact from staff, she rushed right in to help us fill out pages and pages of forms. Then she forgot what D&C stood for, but it was okay because Guy reminded her. Kim, the night nurse was exceptional, but then again I was drugged.

3. Did your surgery go as expected?
Yes, thank you for asking. I left your hospital without my unborn child, but as far as we know, you didn't poke any holes in my uterus. You sent him to pathology and I never heard from you again. Until this survey. Two thumbs up.

Really, there are no complaints about the hospital. It was dark and old smelling, but then again, I so completely didn't want to be there that it could have been Club Med and I would have said the same thing. I certainly had no complaints about the doctor though. He wasn't even on call that night, but he came to the hospital anyway. He didn't think I needed to meet another new doctor on the worst day of my life. He cut out of whatever family activities he had going on to help me. Can't I fill out a survey about him instead?

Or better yet, can you please just stop sending me mail about my miscarriage?

Maybe I've mentioned this before, but this all sort of reminds me of the time that Guy went to the vet the first time after we had to put Tippy down. He went to buy flea medicine for the two girls. The woman at the desk kept insisting that Tippy was also due for his flea medicine. Guy kept saying that he was quite sure that he wasn't, yet the woman wouldn't stop. Finally, Guy had to raise his voice at her and tell her that indeed, our dead dog, who had been put to sleep in this very vet just a week prior, did not need flea medication. Thank you very much.

It has just occurred to me that I have the opportunity to write my first review for Props and Pans. The West Jefferson County Hospital. I give it 2 thumbs up for all your miscarriage needs. I am just so wrong, aren't I? Check them out though - Props and Pans, not the hospital I hope. I'm totally going to buy some of the suspenders that you hook to your bra. Maybe tomorrow. For my size 16 jeans, not maternity clothes.