Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Before and after

In August, 2001, I wanted to buy a house. The ex was agreeable, but as usual I did the leg work, the mortgage, the looking, the work. If that sounds ugly, I don't mean it to be. That is just how we were. I thought he was too slow and unmotivated, so I just took over. I might have been right, but that doesn't mean I handled it commendably.

Whatever. Not the point.

In August, 2001, I wanted to buy a house. There were two people who didn't tell me I was crazy. The first was my granddaddy. He told me it was the smartest idea I had in a long time. Go for it. The second was my friend (and student) Bach. She recommended a mortgage gal and a real estate agent. The mortgage gal is fantastic and I never met the real estate agent, but I met her partner and love her.

There was a house that I didn't want to see. It was ugly on the outside. The inside looked boring from the pictures. I went anyway. I just so happened to go right after Bach's lesson, so she went with me. I have the world's crappiest memory, but I will never forget walking in the door of that house, with Bach right behind me and turning to her to say that I loved this house.

There were only four rooms and a bathroom. One freakishly large bathroom. One freakishly large bathroom that my former mother-in-law painted purple while I was at work one day. Again, not the point. I love the open floor plan and the huge kitchen. It was 1200 square feet of cozy 1940's bliss. We bought it.

Then, we proceeded to do nothing with it except some random painting of rooms. There were new windows and a new HVAC, all on loans that I'm still paying, but no real improvements beyond that.

Until Guy.

Guy helped me give this little house dignity through tile. My father-in-law helped me give it a new bathroom sink. I bought paint and carpet. We worked in the yard. We updated the kitchen.

We took care of my little house.

Today, Bach and I went, after her lesson, back over to that little house. We walked in the front door, and came full circle. She has been with me through the most significant events in my life now. She has given me advice on everything from house buying to adoption to making the most kickass dressing there is.

Just in case I haven't said thank you enough, or ever, thank you.

The before and after of my little house are so closely linked to the before and after of me. It's friends like Bach, who have been there for the before and the after, and stick around, that leave me speechless.

Speaking in literary terms, speechless. Of course. Since I have now rambled on for paragraphs upon paragraphs. I'm going to stop now.