Thursday, January 18, 2007

Steps through the melting snow

Snow today. Not a snow day, just snow today. It has been forever since we had a good snow. I'm still waiting. Today was just a tease.

The next chance is on Sunday. That's no fun. Sunday isn't a snow day - only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are good snow days. Plus, we have a gig in Hamlet, NC. I have no idea where that is, but it's been over a month since we had a gig, and I love matinees. I'm hoping it doesn't get snowed out.

An old friend emailed me a couple of days ago. He is a good guy. He had heard about my recent marriage and probably said to himself, "Hmm. I went to her wedding 8 years ago. Is that recent?" So he dropped me a line to find out what was going on.

It is interesting which friends you can catch up with and which ones just stall. There was another instance where I ran into a very good friend from high school in October. We exchanged hugs and email addresses and promised to stay in touch. A couple of weeks later, I sent her a heartfelt email with the nuggets of my life now (complete with web links) and told her how glad I was to be "back in touch."

Then, I never heard from her.

(Insert photoshopped picture of me in a dunce hat with the title "Loser" on it, ala OTJ)

What is it about the people you can fall back into step with?

There are friends I have had who I thought were like family and then all of the sudden, that relationship crashes and burns. Those are rare, but the scars never seem to leave.

Then there are the old and dear friends. The ones who don't mind if you haven't spoken in 3 months. Sometimes 3 years. You just know each other. And you fall right back into step.

With the incredibly supportive comments lately, I find myself contemplating these online friends. I have found myself wondering if bloggers make friends more easily and connect with other bloggers more quickly because we aren't hiding behind the rules of social graces.

Here, we write. We bear our souls, most of us. There is a safety of a screen between us and other people, but honestly, anyone reading this knows me better than most anyone not reading now.

I wonder if we aren't making friends here that are so comfortable. Comfortable like the old friends.

All this to say, thanks again for helping get through the absolute worst weeks of my life. I count you all as friends now. A new type of friend, but friends nonetheless. I honestly (not melodramatically) do not know if I would have made it so soon or so unscathed without you. You, yes you there - reading this now, rock.

If I missed anyone, please forgive me and let me know. You know how I am about editing.

Also, if you have a moment, drop by and share some of those healing thoughts and comments for the Momma of Five Little Monkeys. She has a beautiful tribute to her sister, who she lost on January 14. Your words mean more than you know.