Tuesday, January 30, 2007


If you don't have a baby, can you still have a playdate? If you have good enough friends with babies, the answer is yes. JD and his momma came over this morning for blueberry scones and coffee. JD skipped the coffee though and just enjoyed the scones. As did Pupstar who already knows that baby with food = food for Pupstar. She also enjoys licking the snot off baby faces, but I won't go there.

I thought that this picture of JD was funny. His parents, or his dad rather, are very high tech. Dad runs a techno blog with reviews, recipes, and other goodies, and big sis already has a pc in her room at age 5. JD with his "future blogger" shirt is appropriate for this family.

However, notice that now, at almost 14 months old, he plays with tupperware. And a spatula. God love him.