Saturday, January 27, 2007

Open House

So tired. Tried to make the yard at my house look like I ever cared about it. There is an open house tomorrow. Several bags of mulch and a few dozen pansies later, it still pretty much says, "Dogs owned this yard." And possibly also says, "Watch out for petrified poo."

So tired also because of Scotty. One of my former foster dogs is staying with me again. His mom is out of the country for 2 weeks and she wanted him to not have to stay in the kennel for two weeks. He is a sweetheart and I was happy to get to have him with me again.

That was before he peed in my house 7 times in 32 hours. That is 6 times on the carpet and once in the kitchen. That is once on a chair, once on the couch, and twice on a leg of the dining room table.

Today, he topped it all off by digging his way under the fence and disappearing. Remember now, he is not my dog. His tags do not point him back to me in any way. So I take a break from the yard work, and Guy leaves the plumbing of our bathroom to look for Scotty. For hours.

Finally, tonight, the call comes. I had contacted the rescue group so that if someone called the microchip number, they would know that Scotty was with me and not his mom. Three people had called him in, but he kept escaping.

And when we found him? He came running over and rolled over on his belly. He just wants to be loved. And he just doesn't understand that he needs to stay home to do that.