Sunday, January 14, 2007

Many congrats and mini congrats

Many congratulations to Whymommy and Whydaddy on their newest addition of Whybaby who was born today. I might supposed to be letting her announce this herself, but I cannot help myself. I am beyond wildly happy for them. The little guy will be growing up in one pretty amazing family.

Mini congratulations to me. Today I did not cry. Not once. Guy and I even talked about Cleatus and how much I missed him. Plus, I had a very surreal moment when I thought to myself, "Damn. I forgot to bring home some of Sil's maternity clothes to borrow." That was right before I thought, "Damn. That's stupid. There is a reason I didn't do that." Then instead of crying, I told Guy and we had a good chuckle over it. No tears. That has to be a good sign. If I go 2 more days, then I'm going to think about wearing eye makeup again.

There are waves. Walking into Target, I had a wave of wishing I was still pregnant. It happens. I guess it probably happens to a lot of women who have been pregnant, and not just those who miscarry. I don't know though.

The waves don't knock me down anymore though. Stagger, yes. But I'm still standing.